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Snow & Salt Management

We provide commercial snow removal and salt services to commercial properties, retail shopping centers, hospitals, health care facilities and retirement communities throughout Metro Detroit. Providing professional and timely service will ensure your properties are accessible and safe.

Commercial Snow Plowing

Autumn Oaks is your top choice for commercial snow removal services. We offer commercial plowing to maintain access to your business, parking lot, driveways and sidewalks. We insure your commercial site properly maintained through the winter so you can focus on your business.

Snow Throwers and Blowers

While there is no commercial property too small for our professional snow removal services, we are not a small-time snow removal company. We employ and rigorously maintain a variety of different snow removal equipment to ensure we are able to complete any snow removal job you have. In additional to good old fashioned snow plows, we have a team of hand-work employees to ensure all the snow is removed in those critical areas surrounding your business.

Salting & De-Icing

As a commercial property owner in Macomb and Oakland counties you know the importance of a properly salted and de-iced property. When temperatures plummet, and your sidewalks/parking lots get icy, don’t risk injury to yourself, employees or customers. Autumn Oaks keeps a huge supply of bulk salt and bagged de-icing products to keep our client’s properties properly maintained.

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